The complete range of products to drastically reduce the PPM in finishing, ensuring the best compliance to your metal free leathers.

In the field of metal free finishing, Finikem research has made a big step forward. The new FM line composed of liquid dyes, pigments, compounds, resins, fillers etc., is the complete solution for finishing metal-free leathers with extraordinary results. FM is the result of a couple of years of research conducted in the Finikem R&D laboratories on safer raw materials, testing and replacement of components, and countless tests with control laboratory analysis before developing the correct formulations.

If previously we focused on the characteristics of the finishing product to be proposed to the tanner, now we have moved the focus to the finished leather thinking about the compliance that it will have, completely reversing the research approach. Thinking in this way, Finikem has managed to develop a line of products that leads to obtaining high quality finished leathers on which the limits of detectable metals are far below the legal parameters”.

In order for a leather to be defined as metal free *, the sum of the individual metals linked to it (Cr, Al, Zr, Ti and Fe), must be less than 0.1%, i.e. less than 1000 ppm. For FINIKEM is no longer enough to comply with regulations. On leathers finished with the products of this new line, the presence of metals is so low that it is almost undetectable. In this way, even tanners who work with big brands and strict specifications can operate with complete peace of mind “.

* according to the definition reported in UNI EN 15987:2015 regulation.