FGL International has a flexible production structure composed of qualified professionals designed to operate efficiently on the various international markets.
Management of the departments is fully computerised and complies with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards for which the company has been certified since 1999.
This system controls every aspect of business from administration to marketing, research, production, warehouse inventories and customer assistance while also assuring safety in the workplace.

Flexibility is the key feature based on two basic principles:

The availability of a fully-stocked warehouse
The ability to satisfy customer’s needs promptly, all over the world


Research and development are the basis of smart and sustainable growth.
Research is fundamental for the development of new and innovative products, processes and services, for the economic and sustainable growth of the tannery

Tannery is our core business

A passion for new solutions to improve the tannery sector, the unquestionable technical skills of its professionals, the experience built-up in the field, a highly qualified R&D department  and dedicated on-site service are what have led leather manufacturers to choose FGL International as their ideal business partner.

FGL International

Create tannery auxiliaries with low environmental impact and high added value. Direct heir to the experience of over 60 years of the Figli di Guido Lapi, FGL International provides sustainable tanning chemical products and solutions operating daily with the utmost respect for the environment and future generations with tools and human resources dedicated to providing value to all interested parties, including employees, customers, suppliers, partners and society in general.