Pigments and dyestuff

Pigmenti serie PF
Dispersion of pigments in caseinic binders, this range includes pigments of organic and inorganic type

Pigmenti serie PM perlati
Dispersion of pearl pigments with proteic binders

Coloranti serie LF
Metal complex dyestuffs in not flammable organic solution, dilutable in water and solvent

Coloranti serie LW
Metal complex dyestuffs in water solution

Pigmenti serie PM
Dispersion of organic and inorganic pigments in proteic binders. Excellent tinture strenght

Pigmenti serie TR
Very fine dispersion of organic and inorganic pigments. High transparency and brilliance. Excellent resistance to migration to PVC

Coloranti serie LF PV
Metal complex dyes brought in non-flammable organic solution. Dilutable in water and solvent lacquers. Excellent resistance to migration to the plasticized PVC

Pigmenti serie PAK
No-ionic micro dispersed pigments in water, to obtain tones extremely full, covering and brilliant

Pigmenti serie Finifluo
Fluorescent pigments of organic type