Loving tannery means spreading knowledges and innovations to all.

FGL International, “Silver sponsor” in support of the XXXIII IULTCS 2015 international congress to be held on november 24st - 27st, 2015 in Novoamburgo - RS, Brazil

At FGL International we are constantly investing in our Research and Development programs, our laboratories and our personnel, to meet and surpass the ever more challenging demands of today’s Environmental protection and Ecological Sustainability. With our limitless passion for knowledge, constant personnel training, testing of all aspects of our leathers and chemicals products, we are able to innovate quickly and to adapt these technologies into our production. Our customers are the key stones of our organization, their needs and satisfaction is not enough for us. Our innovation and novelty leaves them impatient and wanting more. We strive to assist in every way,  we give our hearts, our passion and our knowledge. We blur the line of the conventional and of the unconventional to achieve the best for our clients.  We live in an era of science, innovation, of advancement of all technologies – why should leather not also? Few companies have the desire to share their knowledge, scared in this world of global competition, our strategy is different, we learn and then spread our knowledge, these are the reasons why FGL International has decided to participate as a “Silver Sponsor” in support of the IULTCS 2015 international congress to be held in November in Brazil, where the leading experts in our sector will gather and present their technical and scientific research
FGL International considers this event to be of the highest importance, creating an environment where active exchange of information, knowledge and new technologies generate excellence.