The new dyes lines FGL International

FGL International has modernised and upgraded its Valanil and Valalux lines of dyes, in addition to which it has also created two new lines, Valasoft and Valanil E.
The new Valanil and Valalux colour cards have an innovative graphic look, but not only: they have also been implemented with the dyes carried out on Metal-Free leather, another advantage for our customers who now have a far better selection to choose from for dyeing metal-free leather or white vegetable-tanned leather in general.
The colour card of the new Valanil E line includes a small but select range of dyes and offers great value for money.

A series of dispersed dyes are presented on the new Valasoft colour card with which it is possible to create particularly uniform, in other words, ‘soft’, pastel shades. Moreover, with the Valasoft line, corrections can be made to any of the colours inside the vats without running the risk of staining problems.

Once again FGL International is “illuminating” the tanning sector with its new and innovative proposals, making all its technical skill, research and know-how available to its customers.