FGL International unveils its new 2024 calendar

Leather is our passion every day of the year!

FGL International unveils its new 2024 calendar telling of its all-round passion for leather. Leather is precious, fresh, delicious, exciting, creative, sustainable.
As many themes as there are many things leather can cover as a versatile material with enormous potential. This is the focus of the main images that characterise the 12 months of the year 2024.

The "photographic" development of these themes finds expression in some unconventional objects made strictly by hand, by skilful craftsmen, through the use of various types of leather designed and created by FGL International in its laboratories and experimental tannery and finishing departments. A new tool to communicate the total dedication that the company has for the tanning sector, supporting the work of the tanneries for years in the development of innovative chemical solutions.

A tribute to leather itself, to its multiform beauty, to renew the deep bond that the company has always had with this material. The new photographic project for this edition of the calendar that FGL international has been using as a real communication tool for many years now.