Awarded the eco-friendly research done by FGL International

The ecology, the environment and all the problems related to keep it sustainable, led the tanning industry to face major changes in the last period.

For this reason, the subjects of papers presented at the A.I.C.L.S.T. 2012 (Taipei, November 12th - 14th 2013), which takes place every two years with the support of I.U.L.T.C.S., were based especially on ecological and economic processes for the whole  leather industry.

FGL International has always been focused in the research of "ecofriendly" products and processes.
During the event, FGL International had the honor to present its paper developed together  the University of Pisa  and  Archa Laboratories . FGL International is , and always be , focused on researches concerning green and sustainable processes in order to be able to offer  products that comply with the most updated  environmental rules in the leather business.